• Le vélo de route hybride monopolise YPJ-R

    How was the image of a motor-assisted bike so far?

    "Granny's" "What old people are surfing" "It's simple but not cool", an innovative hybrid road bike to dispel such an image ...... it's Yamaha appeared at Movers. His name is YPJ-R.

    High design and functionality

    When designing trips in style or pampering for holidays, the design of the road bike is appealing.

    However, I can not feel comfortable with the image of the light road bike, the speed of life, the engine based on the aesthetics of his own feet, wearing sunglasses and a bike shirt on the helmet. will become sweat again is negative.

    The YPJ-R has achieved a high level of performance by charging a compact and lightweight electric unit battery providing ease of road bike design and high-speed cruising performance.

    Far from being foolish even if men wear it, it's pretty cool, cool and stylish.

    Carefully designed non-cylindrical triangular frames will collect your aluminum material , which also helps reduce weight.

    It can be used as a mobile battery with two USB terminals by removing the small, lightweight 2.4 Ah battery and attaching an adapter.

    For us from the generation of smartphones, we are extremely happy to be able to charge smartphones in what way.

    The road bikes are too enthusiastic, they will do it a bit ... there should be a lot of readers like this.

    I propose it as an article realizing the fashion, the lifestyle, which is more interesting than the race, with a big forked cycling jersey and walking with bike shoes.

    Comfortable without swing, run smartly

    In fact, I tried this YPJ-R on the road circuit. Of course, the clothes are not in jersey cycling, but in jeans, T-shirts, Parker, etc.

    The cruising speed of the road bike may be low, you will not be able to move up a gear as it is. change your shirt.

    Bike not sweat, regardless of casual or formal, attractive given the fashion.

    The power assist unit that contributes to this is certainly a stoic road bike, but with the advent of hybrid road bikes, it could become an object of style in the future.

    If you have a look at the city, now is your chance.

    To learn more about  schwinn discover the hybrid bike for women

    Bvlgari popular watch "Bvlgari

    A new model is born in a best-selling wristwatch that lasts more than 40 years.

    November 2018 Bvlgari releases three new models from the iconic "Bvlgari / Bvlgari" collection.

    ■ Three new work 

    The two models of the gold bezel with elegance stand out in a sharp, balanced black dial and a stainless steel bezel that makes a manicable effect are both modern in the form of a bracelet Reinterpretation was added.

    In addition, the model of the stainless steel bezel also includes an alligator strap model that produces a wide range of lifestyles, and has proposed three new creations.

    ■ History of 

    "Bvlgari / Bvlgari" The first model of "Bulgari Bvlgari" that was born in 1975 Nicola, Gianni, Paolo. Inspired by a coin depicting the emperor's portrait of Emperor Roman times, it has become a big topic with an innovative design that makes the Bvlgari logo on the bezel and gains immense popularity in a blink of an eye.

    And in 1977, BVLGARI · BVLGARI 's double logo well known "Bvlgari · Bvlgari" watch selling, House' s watchmaking started in earnest.

    This iconic model continues to be a highly representative model of aesthetic pleasing age, with new additions as always.

    ■ Bulgari · Bulgari 

    product number: SAP 102930 

    Price: 1,2900,000 yen (tax excluded) 

    Dial: Black lacquer Dial grain, pink gold index, gold plate needle, date display (3 o'clock position)

    ■ Bulgari · Bulgari 

    product number: SAP 102928 

    Price: 620,000 yen (tax excluded) 

    Dial: Black lacquer Dial grain, rhodium plate index, rhodium plate needle, date display (3 o'clock position)

    ■ Bulgari · Bulgari 

    product number: SAP102927 

    price: 530,000 yen (tax excluded) 

    Dial: Black lacquer dial grain, rhodium plate index, rhodium plate needle, date display (3 o'clock position)

    Both are released only in Asia.

    Let's have a collection with elegance.

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